Welcome to Micro Aerospace

Micro Aerospace Solutions, Inc. is a small business in Melbourne, Florida that was established in 2000. We specialize in engineering services including electrical and mechanical system design and consultation with an eye towards human-centered design. We have assisted many groups in realizing their system designs thus allowing them to quickly and effectively get to market in broad business areas such as spaceflight, medical devices, auto racing, skydiving, asset management, and aerospace. We can assist in designing and testing systems for usability and reliability. We can also provide ISO9000 and NASA standard compliances as requested on a project level.

At Micro Aerospace Solutions we specialize in thruster design, propulsion systems, attitude control, command and data handling, and computer and communications systems for small spacecraft and nanosatellites. We also offer spacecraft and system testing, data collection, and research for new projects or ideas. We have experience with electrical system circuit board design, layouts for microcontroller systems, environmental control, navigation and tracking, imaging systems, scientific sensors, and display systems. Our background in aerospace systems allows us to understand low-power and high-efficiency designs with tight tolerance requirements.

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Contract Engineering/Design/Testing including, but not limited to: