Small Robotic Explorers

Ruling the solar system

Another area being explored is automation requirements for groups of small surface exploring robots on other planets. Questions such as: "How can they interact together?", "How can they be given more autonomy than current robotic space explorers?", and "How can they effectively be remote agents representing the interest of a variety of Earth-based stakeholders such as scientists, mission operations people and the general public for participatory exploration?" are being asked. At Micro Aerospace, we are working on solving and answering these questions.


Next generation space robots and small satellites will be interacting with each other and have autonomy never dreamed of previously. How can we capture the interaction of humans into robots in far-off places in the solar system? We are studying how to answer this vital question.

Multi-agent Communications

How can authority and priorities be shared among robotic agents? We are looking at how best to share and trade authority between numerous space-based robots.

Various Platform for Various Functions

New small robots and spacecraft will carry a variety of sensors. We are looking at how these sensors can be integrated together to provide a wide coverage of data is well as a variety of types of data