Modifications of COTS Systems for Small Sats

We can assist in tailoring Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) communications boards and hardware to small satellite and cubesat applications.

Antenna Design

We have assisted in deployable antenna system design for cubesats including "tape measure" antennas and patch antenna systems.

Data Bus Design

We can provide RS232-485, Ethernet and MIL-STD-1553 data bus systems and integrate them in small satellite systems. Software development capabilities can be provided for these buses.

Link Budget Analysis

Link budgets are a difficult part of any communications system architecture. Contact us for assistance in defining and understanding link budgets for your system design.

Small Satellite C&DH

Micro Aerospace Solutions has extensive system development experience with various computer controlled and automation systems. These include embedded systems, microcontroller systems and graphical display systems. We can design and integrate Command and Data Handling equipment and computer systems including embedded system development, single board computer systems and video capture/image collection systems for both space and terrestrial applications.

We offer consulting services to help you with your spacecraft design and can assist in system design and analysis during any phase of the system life cycle from initial concept through operations. Micro Aerospace Solutions offers PC/104-based command and data handling systems architectures. The PC/104 is an inherently rugged platform. It features stacking bus connectors and a very small, low-power footprint. PC/104 modules flex less and are more stable than larger boards with backplanes.