Electronic Embedded Computer Systems

Microcontroller distributed systems

MAS has over a decade of embedded microcontroller system design in a variety of environments including small satellites and numerous terrestrial applications. We use innovative Single Board Computer and microcontroller systems such as PIC microcontrollers to offer the small and nanosatellite user community new alternatives for on-board computer systems. Using design practices developed by amateur radio satellite builders as well as in-house system testing and evaluation, we can design and build a system for only a fraction of typical space-based computer system costs.

Small Satellite C&DH

Virtual Camera

The Virtual Camera (VC) is a hand held application for planetary exploration. It uses the basic tablet mobile computing platform to develop an exploration assistant for human remote planetary surface exploration. The VC will support human explorers using rovers on the surface of another planetary body. It is an interactive database used to improve situational awareness for all operators and users.

The VC will be assisting crew members exploring a planetary surface as a remote agent of the ground controllers and scientists who are back on Earth. The VC will act in their place as a "virtual mission controller" or "virtual scientist."

Below is an example screen from the Virtual Camera

Human-Computer Interface

Micro Aerospace Solutions is pursuing cutting edge research in human-robot interaction, machine cognition, automation authority sharing and advanced interaction media consideration for human and robotic collaborative space exploration. We would like to apply human-like traits to robots and their interactions with humans.

Usability is important for any modern system that requires human interaction. We can help in defining and executing usability testing for control and robotics systems with a variety of levels of automation.

Digital Instrumentation and Controls

We are studying advanced automation issues for control rooms. These can be applied to the next generation of commercial space missions where fewer personnel will be available for the monitoring and control of complex science and exploration missions.

Valve Control Systems

We have designed valve control systems,pulse thruster solenoid valves, and latching valves. Our systems are configurable and provide valve pulses down to the micro-second range.