Propulsion Systems

At Micro Aerospace, we specialize in propulsion design and building. This specialization consists of propellents such as solid propellent, hyrdazine, and the actual hardware holding the propellent. Below is a CAD design of one of our systems.

Complete Small Satellite Propulsion Modules

We have demonstrated a complete thruster system that fits well within the body of a 10 cm cube cubesat configuration. This system uses a positive expulsion blowdown system to feed hydrogen peroxide to four thrusters around the base of the vehicle. The image below shows the system.

Cubesat Thruster Module With Two Inch Tank, Micro-Solenoid Valves and Thrusters

This system could be adapted to other configurations such as spacecraft with larger internal volumes and requirements for more thrusters and a larger propellant need. Below is a mass table for this system configuration.

ComponentsMass (ea) (grams)QuantityTotal Mass
Thruster With Valve4.9419.6
Stainless Connectors1.523
Miscellaneous Tubing212
Propellant (H2O2, mL)1.454058
Total148.3 Grams

Nanosat Thruster Module Mass Summary

Below is a CAD drawing of a Cubesat with four Microthrusters.

Tank Design and Testing

We can assist in designing and integrating off-the-shelf tank systems into a variety of propulsion system designs. These include developing multi-structural elements for cubesats that use tanks as part of the structural element.

Triad Thruster Structural Design

Thrusters sometimes have to be oriented in triads or other multiple configurations. Our engineers can work with your team to design triads for a variety of spacecraft configurations. We also have pluggable thruster modules that can be readily integrated into rapid response spacecraft systems.

Integration Design

Whether you require a complete propulsion design or a simple thruster assembly we can provide custom solutions to integrate into your specific application. Our system designs and concepts are flexible and adaptable to a variety of configurations.


Valve Interfacing and Cooling Systems

We have experience recommending a variety of valve systems depending upon customer requirements and applications. Our thrusters are not tied to a single valve design which allows for flexibility.

Electric Propulsion Analysis and Design